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Ufone Super Card | ufone super card New Update 2022

Ufone Super Card Dial *900# to get 5GB Data and unlimited Facebook, unlimited Ufone to Ufone and PTCL call packages and 300 off-net in Rs. 1.

ufone super card
ufone super card

The most popular Ufone super card pricing and famous Card bundles have lately gone hiked by Rs. 30 from weekly to monthly. These Ufone Card bundles debuted for the first time in 2014.

 At this time, Ufone launched a Super Card feature with the “Befikri” motif. One of the most well-known super cards that Ufone offers is the Ufone small super card & super card plus.

Ufone Super Card

  • Cost       550
  • On-net mints, PTCL mints  1000
  • Off-net mints 150
  • Data 1200MBs
  • SMS 4000
  • Duration 30 Days
  • Subscriptions Code  *240#
On-net mints, PTCL mint    300Off-net mints    10
Data 100MBsSMS 700Subscriptions Code  *300#
ufone super card

Ufone Super Card Plus

  • On-Net mints, PTCL mints   Unlimited
  • Off-Net mints   180
  • Data    Facebook and 2000MBs
  • Subscriptions Code  *250#

Ufone Super Card Gold

  • Cost   1.00
  • On-net Mints, PTCL mints   Unlimited
  • Off-net mints    300
  • Data   5GB + Facebook unlimited
  • SMS Unlimited
  • Time   30 Days
  • Subscriptions Code   *900#

Ufone Mini Super Card

  • On-net mints, PTCL mints    500
  • Off-net mints    75
  • Data  600MBs
  • SMS 3500
  • Subscriptions Code   *230#

Super Ufone Recharge offer

  • On-net mints, PTCL mint    300
  • Off-net mints    10
  • Data 100MBs
  • SMS 700Subscriptions Code  *300#

Ufone Super Minutes

  • All Network mint   100
  • Subscriptions Code   *210#

How to Check Ufone Super Card Balance

Dial *706# to check your remaining minutes, SMS, and net MBs, or download the My Ufone app to your cellphone to see details about your remaining resources.

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